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Carillon Park

September 15, 2019

Art Pavilion

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Art Pavilion

A dozen nationally recognized automotive artists will exhibit their work in the art pavilion. From original pieces to prints and posters, artists also have shown photography and sculpture.

The pavilion is open during Saturday evening’s Preview Party and Sunday from 10:30 to 4 pm during the Concours.

All of the work is available for purchase.

The 2018 featured artist is Bob Colaizzi from Dayton, Ohio.

This year’s poster has the two featured marques, Cadillac and Jaguar E-type, rendered in color. The context pencil drawing links the marques to Dayton, showing the Carillon, Wright B Flyer and Carillon Park’s Deed's Barn, where Charles Kettering invented the self-starter that was introduced on the 1912 Cadillac at the right of the drawing.

Colaizzi’s work is realistically drawn, then scanned into a computer where he “paints the drawing digitally,” in much the same technique as water color. The artwork contains as many as fifty layers of both opaque and transparent color, with literally thousands of digital brush strokes. Each painting takes four to six weeks to complete. This year’s Dayton Concours poster was created in this technique. His style has come to be recognized for its super-realistic featured car or cars, backed by pencil “context” drawings. Colaizzi believes he is the only automotive artist using this technique.


Open during the Saturday night Preview Party and during the Concours from 10:30 to 4 pm.

Bob Colaizzi