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Carillon Park

September 15, 2024

Art Pavilion

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Nationally recognized automotive artists will exhibit their work in the art pavilion. From original pieces to prints and posters, artists also have shown photography and sculpture.

The pavilion is open during Saturday evening's Preview Party and Sunday from 10:30 to 4 pm during the Concours.

All of the work is available for purchase.

The 2024 featured artist is Mary Yeadon.

Mary Watt Yeadon is an artist in the Realism style. Starting in 2010, her inspiration reflects her family's favorite past time of collecting and restoring vintage cars.

"After spending several years in the shop, restoring vintage cars with my husband and son, I decided to try my hand at painting some of my favorites."

You can see Mary's other work online at


Open during the Saturday night Preview Party and during the Concours from 10:30 to 4 pm.

Mary Yeadon

Concours Artists

Craig and Pam Booth, Gardiner, NY

Bob Colaizzi, Dayton, OH

Larry Goodridge, Lakeside Park, KY

Steve Macy, Des Plaines, IL

Steve Wohler, Tipp City, OH

Mary Watt Yeadon, Bellflower, IL